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Nurturing the Individual  

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Empowering lifelong learning  

Ipads in Years 7 & 8

Ipads in Years 7 & 8

As the iPad trial for Year 7’s draws to an end in 2012 we would like to share with you our findings.

There is no doubt that the 1:1 iPad trial has been a huge success from a teaching and learning perspective. Students have embraced these devices whole heartedly and consider them to be a valuable tool in their learning journey.

This trial has also given the College opportunity to evaluate IT infrastructure and procedures relating to the iPads for next year and look at some new initiatives within the College for the coming year.

The iPad trial will continue next year (2013) for existing Year 7’s as they move into Year 8.  The College will still retain ownership of these devices until the end of next year.  At that stage we will look at the payout figure and offer parents the option to purchase.  This figure will be unknown until the last quarter of next year.

Year 7 students in 2013 are required to supply their own iPad, however the College can assist with payment plans to purchase if required.

Students who own their own ipads will be granted access to the College wireless network.  Students with personally owned devices will be required to download all iTunes apps through their own iTunes accounts.

For further information please download the supporting documentation below to assist with setup and further information.


Find my iPad app

We highly recommended that you install and setup the find my ipad app.  This app allows you to find your iPad remotely.  Further information is available here.


Otterbox Cover Link for instructional video for installion of cover

Screen Protector - Screen protector video instructions

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Can I purchase the Ipad mini instead?

We believe the screen will be too small for everyday use within the classroom.  Our benchmark specification is iPad 2 16GB WIFI only.

My iPad has updates to apply but it will not update?

These updates may apply to the apps purchased through the College iTunes Account.  These updates can only be done by the IT Department.  Once a term the IT Department will take the student iPads (class by class) and do the updates.  Any updates for the free apps downloaded through your own iTunes account can be updated by yourself.

Can I use my own cover?

The College has purchased Otterbox cases as we believe they will provide the most adequate protection,.  If you do use your own cover please make sure that is does provide enough protection as if it does not it will increase your exposure to damage/breakage.

What internet access do I require at home?

It is preferred that you have access to wireless internet at home.  Although internet access is not essential it does give your child opportunity to utilise the many apps that may require internet access.  The ability to browse the internet does also provide opportunity for you child to complete research that may be set for homework.

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